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"Taking shots of new perspectives" - This is how I want to shoot the world around us.

It all started out with my first camera and long exposure images. So called light painting or LARPP (Light Art Performance Photography) as Jan Leonardo Wöllert and Jörg Miedza like to call it. Inspired by them and a book about photography weekend projects I took hundreds of light paintings and abstract water drop photos.

A few years passed where I followed other passion projects. With the purchase of a drone, I got into this hobby again. Flying around and seeing the beauty of our world only birds and rich people in helicopters can view it inspired me to try new compositions from the air.

Sometimes my camera's sensor also gets other perspectives than aerial shots in front of the lens. You can view my favourite shots on Instagram or Unsplash where you can also download them for free to use for whatever you like.

trees in fog by thimo

more trees in fog by thimo

trees in snow by thimo