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What once started in my childhood is part of my life again.

I remember going to school with these cards, not even knowing how to play the actual game, but being excited about trading holographic cards with other cool looking little Pokémon. My favourite back then was "Dark Raichu" - a card I still have to get again, but more on that later.

A few years passed, I wasn't in preschool any more, and unfortunately I gifted my old collection to my little cousin. The latest Pokémon Video Game was “Diamond & Pearl” where I spent hundreds of hours playing it on the Nintendo DS.

After hours of catching little monsters and battling against my best friend, we wanted to play in the physical world too. Fortunately, the Trading Card game just released a new set with all the new Pokémon to have at hand.

I got older, other interests evolved, and I got rid of my collection by gifting them to friends or selling them. This was a mistake, as it later turned out.

Years passed and somehow, with the release of “Vivid Voltage”, I was hooked again. With new platforms, opportunities to connect and adult money, it is easier to get cards that the childhood me could’ve only dreamt of.

However, physical trades and ripping open booster packs are so much fun, that buying single cards is a rare event.